Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Mother's Love

Mom held me last night. I sat on the stool in front of her chair and she embraced me saying I’m a good daughter. It brought me back to when I was a child and had a bump on my arm that she soothed. There is nothing like a mothers love.

The tension has been high. David has decided to stop taking some medication for his high cholesterol. He insists and I am scared that is not a good idea. He has metabolic syndrome according to the doctors and he is not taking it seriously.

I must say over the weekend David was on the treadmill however two days does not a change make. I am supportive but as you know from reading this he has done well before for a few days or a week just to backslide to old behaviors. I feel afraid of being widowed before I’m 45.

Being born and raised in the northeast Mom and I have a lot of friends that are affected. Some don’t have power while others are flooded. Please join us in prayer for all those hit by Irene.


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