Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Mother's Love

Mom held me last night. I sat on the stool in front of her chair and she embraced me saying I’m a good daughter. It brought me back to when I was a child and had a bump on my arm that she soothed. There is nothing like a mothers love.

The tension has been high. David has decided to stop taking some medication for his high cholesterol. He insists and I am scared that is not a good idea. He has metabolic syndrome according to the doctors and he is not taking it seriously.

I must say over the weekend David was on the treadmill however two days does not a change make. I am supportive but as you know from reading this he has done well before for a few days or a week just to backslide to old behaviors. I feel afraid of being widowed before I’m 45.

Being born and raised in the northeast Mom and I have a lot of friends that are affected. Some don’t have power while others are flooded. Please join us in prayer for all those hit by Irene.


Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Well the humidity is back and that touch of fall is gone being replaced with 100-degree heat. We are a bit worried about Irene. Isn’t she massive? We have canned goods at the ready.

I do need to find out where the nearest shelter is that takes pets and a carrier for Mac. His burned in the fire. On the bright side he went to the vet for his annual physical a few weeks back and was given all of his shots and a clean bill of health.  Glory be!

David has been working a lot of overtime the past few weeks and his poor mood is reflecting his lack of sleep. I miss my happy husband but am grateful for his ability to provide for the family. I rather him rested than the extra money any day. In this case it literally doesn’t buy happiness.

Please join us in prayer for all that have been touched by Irene and that she misses landfall in the states. We pray safety and peace for you all!


Sunday, August 21, 2011

Hot Pink Hair!

What a few weeks we have had! My new job in Merchandising is phenomenal. It is really hard but I’m picking up well. I am an assistant to a buyer. Who knew how much work goes into getting a product from idea to the store floor? Yikes, it takes a lot!

The kids went back to school this past Monday. They are not amused. Besides hanging out with friends they could care less, although Andrew is enjoying football.

Ash is looking forward to starting college in a few weeks and dyed his hair hot pink! Really! Oh well, I guess he could be doing worst things.

Fall is coming! The humidity is dropping and so is the pool temperature. I am glad it is not so hot but I am sure we still have obnoxiously uncomfortable days ahead.

David has been acting bizarre and I come to find out yesterday he took it upon himself to cut back on his medications. It is frustrating that when he starts doing well he messes with his meds.

Mom is doing great and we are all waiting for my sister-in-love and family to come down for vacation in October. I can hardly wait to see them!

All in all, life is good and we are blessed!


Monday, August 8, 2011

Praise Be!

Being the first day I have felt 100% like myself I decided to clean and cook up some meals to have throughout the week.

I took a dry run this morning to see how long it would take me in traffic to get to work. Tomorrow will not come soon enough. My new office is on the opposite side of where I live so my commute is now forty minutes each way. I could cut it in half using the toll road but that doesn’t workout with our new financial plan.

I filled out and faxed all the pre-hire paperwork. Ironed my clothes, and prayed I can do this job above and beyond their expectations of me. I want this to become a permanent position. At the moment it is a one year assignment through a temporary agency.

This mornings Bible study was on laying aside the burdens of the past that still hold us captive. Oy Vey, what a list! I have to admit I have felt stressed not working and being sick. Although truth-be-told if I had been working I probably would have been laid off for being absent for three weeks.

God has His ways and they aren’t mine, praise be!


Sunday, August 7, 2011


David, Andrew, Mac and I played catch in the pool yesterday. We had a blast! Tacos, a few games of Last Word and cookies rounded out the evening. Seth slept most of the day but joined us for the evening activities.

The kids are not looking forward to school except for the fact they will get to see their friends more.

I spent the morning before church calling the phone, cable and cell company’s to get our bills reduced to lower our overhead. With the budget crisis we see in Washington and wanting to be good stewards we are really tightening our financial belts.

Church today was marvelous! We are back to going to Northland! Praise God! We feel so much more connected there. To save the forty-minute drive and gas we are worshiping online.

The sermon was on control revolving around Luke 22:24-27. Serving is important and I attempt to do so at home and work. My problem with that at this point is I’m having a hard time resting.

I feel guilty reading or taking time for me. With the kids, David, Mom, the house something always needs to be done. Even with being sick I have been restless just laying around and sleeping. I always feel like I should be doing something.

Being a servant is good. I also need to remember that if I don’t take care of myself and recharge I am not as good to my family as I would like to be. I think out of fear I try to keep all the ducks in a row at all times. That does nothing but wear me out. I get testy and fall short. That’s not good.

The bottom line is I need to remember to let go and let God and trust him to be in control. With everything we have been through the past two years you would think I would get the point that I can’t control a thing. I need to just rest in Jesus and let go of the outcome while serving Him and my family.